About Us

Gold Rush Marketplace is a virtual online market that gives stakeholders the opportunity to buy and sell in a professional and safe environment. Members have the unprecedented opportunity to sell an unlimited number of products for only a small final sale fee. Since this establishment charges lower fees than competitors, Gold Rush Marketplace strives to motivate sellers to sell on the site without incurring crippling fees.

Gold Rush Marketplace allows sellers to offer many types of gold prospecting and mining products through their stores. Since the sellers are able to create stores, it empowers them to showcase their products online. Through these services, sellers are able to save by paying minimal fees, especially compared to other well-known competitors like eBay. Gold Rush Marketplace creates an advantageous environment in which sellers are able to see a profit, due to the unique nature of the company and its services.

Gold Rush Marketplace also gives perks and advantages to buyers. Featured on the Website are many items including Gold Pans, Picks, Gold nuggets, Sluice Boxes, Excavators, Trommels, Wash plants and even Gold Bearing Land. In addition, some sellers end up waiving shipping fees due to the much lower fees assessed to the sellers. The buyers also can rate and give feedback about the sellers. In addition, buyers are able to see the reputation ratings of sellers, both from the Gold Rush Marketplace site and other major competitors.

Gold Rush is a marketplace for buyers and sellers to conduct business through a user-friendly interface. Through offering many incentives to sellers, we attract businesses the competitors do not offer. Also, the buyers find many perks through the items offered and through the other useful services. The marketing strategy has brought the business together and will pioneer more resources down the road. Gold Rush Marketplace implements this multi-oriented business design to enable greater competition.